Gradient Valley brings creativity, intuitive business strategy,
and deep technical knowledge to our clients.

Gradient Valley was co-founded by Keith Bourne and Dave Koziol. Keith and Dave have been working together for almost a decade, both bringing multiple decades of experience as high-tech consultants, strategists, and developers. We’ve helped hundreds of companies to successfully implement their technology strategies in web, mobile, and machine learning.

What is a "Gradient Valley"?

Gradient Descent is a method often used in data science (as well as math in general), to optimize the model that you ultimately build for analyzing new data. To sum it up, it finds the global minimum in our function, where the lowest value is the optimal value for us. As shown in this graphical representation, there are peaks and valleys in this key value. The valleys are the optimal points, so we seek to optimize the model using various forms of gradient descent to find the best of those valleys. So, as we say at Gradient Valley, it's nice in the Valley! The Gradient Valley.

Technology Experience

Decades of Experience as High Tech Strategy and Development Consultants

Strategy + Machine Learning

Perfect Combination of Business Strategy, Machine Learning, and Practical Experience

Cost Effective Approach

Significantly reduce costs by utilizing the latest techniques without sacrificing any quality of service.

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